[time-nuts] +12 Volts 1A (plus a bit) supply?

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 27 23:27:21 EDT 2013

>The OCXO in the TBolt has a linear controller. It drops back to about 
>150 to 250 ma on the +12 line after warmup. It's been at least 40 
>years since I saw an on/off oven control in production ….
>Remember that the +12 feeds the oscillator circuit. The more crud on 
>the 12 volts, the worse the phase noise of the output. A linear 
>regulator is a good idea.

Note that the +12 for the oscillator goes through a 1 ohm resistor 
to a linear SO-8 8L08A regulator to supply +8 to the oscillator 
inside the OXCO case. There is also some bypassing. I had posted 
some photos of the innards some time ago.


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