[time-nuts] Typical HP 5370B resolution ?

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 1 12:05:14 EST 2013


As my plan to buy a time pod is on hold for now (:  I'm revisiting my HP5370B's.    I'm debating if I should embark on a re alignment project or not.   My better HP5370B's seem to have a practical resolution of 40 ps or so with typical signals (ie. comparing and ocxo to a gpsdo.)  Noise floor tests with idealized signal levels typically produce results in the mid 20 ps range.)  Given the inherent 20 ps single shot resolution of the HP5370B plus what ever error is introduced by the two trigger circuits I'm wondering how much improvement I might get from a re alignment.    I do have an 8082 pulse generator.

At this point I'm thinking a re alignment is unlikely to buy me much.

Any comments would be welcome.

Regards Mark S

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