[time-nuts] webcam app to watch for and time stamp changes

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 2 15:57:19 EST 2013

On 3/2/13 12:30 PM, lists at lazygranch.com wrote:
> My fob only outputs a code on demand, that is after I push the button.
> Any of the motion detection programs that use webcams would detect the change in display, but with a multiplexed  display, I'm not sure how well.

Interesting point.. mine only has the 6 digit (7-segment) display, but 
I'm sure it's multiplexed (digit/segment)..

But, the mux rate is fairly high, compared to the "transition time" for 
the segments.  So maybe I can average over some (short) time...

What I want to do is see what the temperature dependence is.  (prompted 
by leaving the fob in the sun, and having the code rejected, presumably 
because it was "slightly ahead")

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