[time-nuts] Don't use cheap cables -- a cautionary tale

Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 3 15:36:10 EST 2013

Some of the older synchronised signal generators (2-box systems) e.g 
Marconi, used TNC connectors with solid coax where signal leakage was likely 
to be a problem.
Alan G3NYK
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> Yes, we all have to learn that lesson...
> At the time I use bedea RG-223 and Belden H155 with soldered and crimped 
> Telegaertner BNC connectors as general purpose cable (up to 2 GHz). Above 
> that frequency I wouldn't use BNC. If you simply connect your tracking 
> generator with the spectrum analyzer by using such a BNC cable there's not 
> one that is absolutely stable when stressing the connector. I tried 
> several manufacturers, HP, Suhner, Radiall, Rosenberger, it's always the 
> same.
> To make precise measurements I prefer screwed connectors like N or SMA.
> Volker

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