[time-nuts] Interesting looking crystal on ebay

Max Robinson max at maxsmusicplace.com
Thu Mar 7 22:19:02 EST 2013

I have in my collection of objects, my wife calls it junk, a 100 kHz crystal 
in a package that looks like an octal base tube.  It was cast off from 
somewhere and is in an oven but I can't find a circuit that will make it 
oscillate at 100 kHz.  That is probably the reason it was cast off.  An HP 
wave analyzer, model number forgotten, used several similar appearing 
crystals in the narrow band filter of the 100 kHz IF.  Also the HP 3570A 
network analyzer uses three of them  the 100 kHz IF in each channel.  It 
wouldn't surprise me to learn that the same engineer designed the IF strip 
for both instruments.


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> This is certainly not time-nut standard, but I've never personally
> seen a crystal like this.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/BLILEY-QUARTZ-BG6-GLASS-ENVELOPE-RESONATOR-FREQUENCY-10-MHz-AT-cut-/251231707166
> I guess it has so many pins so it fits in a valve base.
> Dave
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