[time-nuts] Interesting looking crystal on ebay

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I ended up buying this as I've wanted one for a while.  It arrived today
and I swept it with the network analyzer. At whatever temperature my shop
was at the time I took the measurement, it had a sharp insertion loss at
10.000233MHz.  Pretty cool.   I can post plots if there is any interest or
just email to individuals off list.


Why not just posts a link to the plot, and then we can each decide whether 
to look at it or not.  Persoanlly, I would like to see it, but just for 
passing interest.  I have a 100 kc/s and 60 kc/s (as labelled) crystals also 
in various valve mounts.  Just checked, and I have 8 kc/s and 500 c/s (sic) 
as well.

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