[time-nuts] Voltage on antennas

lstoskopf at cox.net lstoskopf at cox.net
Wed Mar 13 18:40:24 EDT 2013

Some of the little magnetic attached antennas on eBay will operate on 3-5V.  More problematic is using the older antennas which require 5V with the newer chips such as the LEA-5,6,7 series which run on 3.3V.  There is an internal Bias T, but I haven't tried to bring in 5V through the Vant pin as I'm not sure how to make the device use the T.  Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Off topic for this list:  I'm playing with RTKLib with two LEA-4T in Tupperware boxes outside with the puck antennas inside the box and using 'Monoprice USB RJ45'  USB extension adapters on 100 ft of Cat6 cables. Completely blows the timing delay, but 40 dB signals on U-center with 6 or more birds.  Now to get the wireless link going for rover positioning!  Building a small hobby planter.  Need position accuracy to some extent, but not nanosecond timing of when each seed was dropped!


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