[time-nuts] Is possible precise 1pps?

hutta.j at seznam.cz hutta.j at seznam.cz
Wed Mar 13 18:51:53 EDT 2013

NEO-6M buy for less than $ 10 including shipping from China,
NEO-6T is unfortunately expensive, and frankly I do not know who sells it 
for at least a little reasonable prices.
Difference between M and T
- T supports fixed position
- T has TXO
Finally, the price at T version comes inadequate
I find the possibilities to use the cheaper M module and achieve accuracy to

I use MV89A OCXO,
In addition, I have derived from the 10MHz frequency 100MHz (10th harmonic)
So considering using something like http://goo.gl/LiakP(http://goo.gl/LiakP)
and thus precise 1PPS used to disciplined OCXO.

What do u think about it?
I welcome any idea, it's certainly been discussed.


On 3/13/2013 13:15, Azelio Boriani wrote:
> Then you will start to
> appreciate things that will lead you to a timing receiver with the 
> correction.

For what it's worth: I have been evaluating the NEO-6M, a navigation 
receiver, for use in a NTP server which I have posted here in the past. 
It seems to perform quite well. It *does* have sawtooth correction, 
probably because it has a timing cousin (NEO-6T), and is stable enough 
to get RMS jitter to sub-10ns where the "noise floor" of my input 
capture is. It does not, however, have position hold (they have to have 
*some* reason to charge triple the price for a 6T) so over moderate 
timescales it might wander slightly more.

Would I use 6M in a GPSDO? Probably not. But the PPS is pretty good, and 
some navigation receivers *do* have sawtooth correction, which I guess 
was really the point I was getting at.

-- m. tharp

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