[time-nuts] Distribution amplifier phase noise

Ulrich Bangert df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de
Thu Mar 14 06:59:00 EDT 2013


although it has been discussed here by Bruce et al how the noise floor of
integrated distribution amplifiers designs may compare to discrete designs I
have never seen a *real* phase noise measurement of a *real* amplifier here.

My own measurements on a DIY AD8007 based distribution amplifier indicate a
noise floor of abt. -160 dBc @ 100 kHz which may not meet the specs of the
absolutely top line of oscillators by some 15 dB but is well in reach of
Bruce's predictions for integrated designs.

Did any of you Timepod owners make measurements of your own on amplifier
noise? Please note that I am not only out for the noise floor specs. Instead
I am specially interested in specs for power supply induced spurs.

I just received an article covering ultra low noise oscillators to be found


Clearly the phase noise diagram shows a power induced spur @ -100 dBc. Is
this the measure for the amplifier to take care for? I.e. if the amplifiers
has spurs down -120 dBc, is that good enough? 

Or to put it another way: What is the best phase noise that we can expect
from an amplifier concerned power supply induced spurs? Can it be that the
spurs to be seen are not a problem of the amplifier itself but are inherent
to the measurement setup? If so, is there a recommended setup to minimize
such problems?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I appreciate the expertise in this
group a lot!    

Ulrich Bangert
Ortholzer Weg 1
27243 Gross Ippener 

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