[time-nuts] Datum/Symmetricom X72 Rubidium

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Mar 16 10:43:44 EDT 2013

I ran into the same problem a few years ago.  I asked Symmetricom if the 
unit could be upgraded.  They said it could - for the low, low price of 
only $1135.

No, I didn't forget a decimal point in there.


One Thousand, One Hundred, and Thirty-Five Dollars!!

What planet are these people from??

I don't think I've powered the unit up since.


On 3/16/2013 8:21 AM, cfo wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Mar 2013 05:45:46 -0400, GandalfG8-YDxpq3io04c wrote:
>> Hi All
>> This messsage was a work in progress and was sent in error
> Please keep the info comming
> I did also get a X72 , for the 1-PPS conditioning.
> And was also bitten by the "old firmware" not supporting 1-PPS
> But after complaining a little bit.
> I got the seller to report the fw vers detected in mine.
> See 'bay #180791401271
> I would love to be able to upgrade the FW , but haven't found any newer
> firmware or instructions.
> So the X72 is taking a rest for now ...

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