[time-nuts] TIE measurement for arbitrary frequency oscillator

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One other important question - is this a basement project, or is it part of
your day job? Put another way - are you after a quick / dirty / cheap
solution or is there a real budget behind the question?

If it's a day job sort of thing, there are a number of test sets out there
that will do the job just fine. 


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Hi all!

First time poster here, but I've been lurking for a couple months and found
this place to be highly informative.

I want to measure TIE for a 7.362 MHz oscillator. Ultimately, I want to
process into TDEV and MTIE.

1) Is it acceptable to use the DMTD method and set a signal generator
(driven by rubidium) as the reference frequency to a value equal to the

2) If not, can you point me to a more proper way of doing this type of
measurement for arbitrary frequencies that are not easily divisible into 10

Thank you!
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