[time-nuts] WWVB sync

Clint Turner turner at ussc.com
Thu Mar 21 13:41:49 EDT 2013

Not to beat the topic to death, I did have an occasion to "repeat" the 
WWVB signal.  Although the signals here in Utah are very strong (3-5 
millivolts/meter, maybe) they weren't strong enough to find their way 
into a noisy office building, so  about a decade ago I built a system 
for a friend of mine that works there


Apparently, its been duplicated elsewhere for DCF77, etc.  It may be 
possible to carefully null the MSF signal without also taking WWVB out 
too much, but Murphy says that anywhere it's needed, MSF and WWVB will 
be exactly 180 degrees apart!

* * *

There are also some passive "booster" systems, such as this:


This is just a large-ish resonant ferrite antenna circuit into which one 
places the watch (or whatever).

This passive device may not help with QRM from MSF or something local 
like a switching supply, but it ought to work in cases of weak signal.



David McGaw, N1HAC wrote:

> Guys this is just silly build a 10' square loop and preamp. Driver amp and
> place it 400 ft from the house. Now run coax to your wrist and use link
> coupling next to the watch.
> Open a six pac and wait.

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