[time-nuts] Win XP and NIST Time

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 23 10:45:12 EDT 2013

I think the date for the DST time change were altered some years ago,
hence the Win SW messes up. I keep the 'puter clock on local time for
convenience, and switch because eBay does. I am only concerned with
roughly accurate local time.




I am not in the US, but I do know that Microsoft has been issuing routine 
updates for the various changes in Winter/Summer time switchover across the 
world.  I would be surprised if your system were not switching at the 
correct times, assuming it is fully patched.  I've seen no issues here in 
the UK, but it sounds as if it may be a US-specific issue, so I hope that a 
US resident can help further.

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