[time-nuts] Win XP and NIST Time

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Mar 23 13:25:40 EDT 2013

For some reason, I always had trouble with the XP time service so I 
disabled it and added a different NTP demon.  I never had another problem.

As I understand it, NTP never does DST changes.  That's up to your OS to 
handle.  I live in an area that doesn't do DST changes so I've never had 
to deal with it - other than dealing with some WWVB clocks that don't 
let you disable DST!


On 3/23/2013 11:02 AM, J. Forster wrote:
> Thank you.
> My question is really does NIST time change to DST. I'm completely happy
> with manually changing the time twice a year by hand. I'm trying to see if
> disabling the auto-update fixes the problem. Resetting a clock is not
> exactly a major task.
> I have no interest in going to Vista or Windows 7 or anything else. If it
> ain't broke, don't fix it.
> I made the mistake of clicking a link and 'upgrading' RealPlayer and the
> new version takes hugely more resources, crashes all the time, has loads
> of 'features' of zero interest, and I cannot even find out how to
> uninstall the bloatware, without losing saved files.
> -John
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>> On 23/03/2013 14:50, Jim Lux wrote:
>>> It wouldn't surprise me that XP doesn't have an accurate table of
>>> this, since that would be one of the casualties of "being past
>>> support EOL" although the KB entries I link below indicate that
>>> they ARE still providing updates for XP.  There are a lot of
>>> places where timezones can go wrong because it's all stored in the
>>> registry and there have been updates over the years that are
>>> incremental and others that purport to be monolithic, etc.
>> XP is still up to date with timezone changes as far as I am aware but
>> you will need to ensure all (including optional) updates are
>> installed, and that may only be possible with an enterprise support
>> contract now.
>> If all else fails, you can disable automatic timezone updates with the
>> following registry key:
>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation
>> DisableAutoDaylightTimeSet REG_DWORD (1 = disable daylight-savings
>> adjustment, 0 or not set = enable adjustment)
>> Not sure if third party software can keep you in the right zone then,
>> but I'd imagine so.
>> Really though the correct fix is to upgrade to Windows 7. It's stable,
>> works well, and will be supported for years to come; though if you
>> want long term stability/updates you're better off looking into Linux
>> systems.
>> Cheers,
>> James Harrison
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