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Sorry to hear that.  He was very kind to help me with my first 'Shera Board'
with parts and helping to get it up and working with an HP 105B.  I wrote a
note to his wife a couple of months ago.

I agree with your thoughts.  He went out of his way to help a stranger and I
appreciate it.


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Brooks Shera passed away last Saturday. There will be an  obituary published
tomorrow in the Santa Fe New Mexican. It should also be  available online.
As I have mentioned in the past I credit him with making  available to time 
nuts, radio amateurs and other hobbyists  a method to  obtain precise 
frequency at an affordable price before commercial GPSDO's  flooded the
At the time I personally had ten cesium's thanks to the  bankruptcy of 
Offshore Navigation I started building disciplined Rb's with the  help of
Eight and counting.
If there was a Hall of Fame for time nuts he would be # 1  on my list
Bert Kehren
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