[time-nuts] Win XP and NIST time

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Mar 23 23:18:07 EDT 2013

When I was having trouble with my XP system, I could set the time off by 
a few minutes and then ask it to do a time sync.  It would report 
success, but the time was still a few minutes off.  At that point I 
disabled the time service and installed an NTP program.


On 3/23/2013 8:30 PM, Rex wrote:
> I'm running Microsoft Windows XP Professional -- Version 5.1.2600 
> Service Pack 3 Build 2600.
> I still get occasional notifications and update my OS with latest 
> changes. (Don't know how much longer that will continue.) The time on 
> my system updated OK and is currently correct. I haven't noticed any 
> issues with the DST changeover. I just asked it to do a time 
> synchronization and that completed OK.
> So rumors of XP being broken seem to be exaggerated.
> On 3/23/2013 5:06 PM, J. Forster wrote:
>> If you double left click on the clock; click on the Time Zone tab, there
>> is a check box for DST update on/off. Since the dates of DST have 
>> changed,
>> it does not work right.
>> Best,
>> -John
>> =============
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am a new member, in St Pete, Florida. I noticed that last week, my XP
>>> laptop had not updated at the arrival of summer time and I had to do it
>>> manually.
>>> Cheers.
>>> Jay

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