[time-nuts] Win XP and NIST time

Anthony G. Atkielski anthony at atkielski.com
Sun Mar 24 00:28:37 EDT 2013

Jay Cox writes:

> I am a new member, in St Pete, Florida. I noticed that last week, my XP
> laptop had not updated at the arrival of summer time and I had to do it
> manually.

The DST changeover times are contained in the registry. Each time they
change, Microsoft issues an update that corrects the times in the
registry. However, you can also download a tool from Microsoft that
allows you to edit the changeover yourself, available from here:


You just run this little program and it's self-explanatory. It lets
you update changeover times for any time zone.

I've been running XP for years using its built-in simple NTP client to
query the NTP server on my server, which in turn synchronizes with a
variety of NTP sources on the Net. It works extremely well, although
oddly enough, if I tell it to sync manually it seems to mess up
sometimes, while if I let it sync automatically there's no problem.
It's set to sync every few minutes, which isn't a problem because it
syncs against my own server.


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