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MS has/had a program to verify if your hardware would run win7. It has been too many years for me to recall the name. But if you are running really old hardware, it makes sense at some point just to dump it if you run it 24 and 7, if only for the cost of electricity (well depending where you live.) 

MS does not make OS switching economical. I'd say the cheapest version of win7 you should get is PRO since it has all the XP fallback hook.

Win7 is missing a few features of older MS operation systems. The search feature is gone, but you can run a free program called "everything". It is so fast, you can turn off indexing. Also gone is hyperterminal, but you can run terraterm, also free.

I have a dual core intel atom for 24/7 use. With SSD and 4G of Ram, it used 25 watts. D525 processor. 

I've also been running linux on Arm. Even less power.
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On 24/03/2013 06:27, David J Taylor wrote:
> I'm surprised by how many "time-nuts" are not using the reference
> NTP port for Windows, considering the many advantages it has over
> the simple (non conformant and non-manageable) client built into
> Windows).  I made some notes here:
> http://www.satsignal.eu/ntp/setup.html
> You can then use the same management tools (ntpq) and
> configuration expertise you have on you UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD etc.
> systems. Serial-port PPS devices are supported, allowing you to
> make stratum-1 clocks on Windows with performances down to the
> 100-200 microsecond level:
> PCs Alta Bacchus Feenix and Stamsund 
> http://www.satsignal.eu/mrtg/performance_ntp.php
> and with Windows-8, network synced PCs with offsets typically below
> 250 microseconds even over Wi-Fi sync, PC Bergen: 
> http://www.satsignal.eu/mrtg/performance_ntp.php
> Cheers, David

+1 to this - on the Windows boxes I used to have running at a radio
station (including playout machines, which needed good time
synchronization) we ran Meinberg's NTPd port on all the machines and
had no issues. That's with XP under a support contract, though - I
suspect some people without said contracts via work etc will be
hitting issues.

end of extended support April 2014, though - so only just over a year
until even businesses can't get updates.

Happily migrated everything to Win7 or Linux now so no more headaches
on that front here. If you've not looked into 7 and are on XP still, I
do recommend at least considering a migration - 7 is stable now and
will be supported at least until 2020, but I'd wager longer than that
the way Windows 8 appears to be crashing and burning in the market.

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