[time-nuts] OT - DC-10 gyros

Peter Gottlieb nerd at verizon.net
Wed Mar 27 19:52:21 EDT 2013

The circuit I built used a ULN3751Z (TO-220) amplifier chip and some capacitors 
to create the phase shifts for making 3 phase.  Very simple oscillator circuit.  
Haven't found the docs yet but found the unit itself.

On 3/27/2013 6:59 PM, Bill Ezell wrote:
> I neglected to mention that. The DC resistance of the motor windings is 
> roughly 200 ohms. I estimate the power draw is < 2 watts. Haven't measured the 
> inductance.
> I probably could just use some FETs and build a simple class-B amp. The sine 
> wave doesn't have to be absolutely pure. Frequency stability (at least, in a 
> real application) is more important, since the gyro response depends upon the 
> rotational speed of the wheel. Not that I'm going to actually use it for 
> anything other than just getting it working. :)
> On 03/27/2013 6:21 PM, time-nuts-request at febo.com wrote:
>> For "thumbsized" gyros, the power-drain is probably very slight.

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