[time-nuts] OT - DC-10 gyros

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Hi Bill,
The rated voltage is probably 26V AC rather than 28. I bulit a 3 phase inverter for a test rig last year and just used 3 cheap MOSFET power amplifier kits off ebay. Changed the feedback C's to limit high frequency response and it was nice and stable. When testing put a automotive stop lamp ~20W 12V in series with the output, it will protect the output devices and provide a warning if things go wrong.
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I neglected to mention that. The DC resistance of the motor windings is roughly 200 ohms. I estimate the power draw is < 2 watts. Haven't measured the inductance.

I probably could just use some FETs and build a simple class-B amp. The sine wave doesn't have to be absolutely pure. Frequency stability (at least, in a real application) is more important, since the gyro response depends upon the rotational speed of the wheel. Not that I'm going to actually use it for anything other than just getting it working. :)

On 03/27/2013 6:21 PM, time-nuts-request at febo.com wrote:
> For "thumbsized" gyros, the power-drain is probably very slight.

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