[time-nuts] Sarantel GPS Antennas

lstoskopf at cox.net lstoskopf at cox.net
Thu Mar 28 13:36:56 EDT 2013

Spark Fun has the Sarantel SL1204 Helix antennas:  .8 dB NF  18 dB gain small size.  1.8 to 3.6V supply.  Dielectric loaded helix.  $22.00

Made to work with small near field.  These should work with modern GPS receivers very well.  I'm awaiting a couple of small diameter cables with SMB connectors to solder on to connect.  Application data says that a ground plane will improve gain so maybe a real ground plane will not detune.  But there is no information on what using a choke ring to suppress multipath does.

Any comments?  Thanks,


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