[time-nuts] Symmetricom TimeGPS-LLR / X72 Rubidium

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Fri Mar 29 12:31:30 EDT 2013


I haven't seen one of the units you have. Other similar boxes from the same people are "built to frequency". Unless you want to change between harmonically related frequencies, it's more than a jumper or firmware setting. You swap both parts and firmware.

On Mar 29, 2013, at 11:38 AM, Adrian <rfnuts at arcor.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've got a Symmetricom TimeGPS-LLR module which appears to be a cool toy.
> Inside I found a X72 rubidium oscillator. The module has a 2006 date code and appears to be brand new.
> The Rb is also 2006 date-coded and should have the 1 PPS capability.
> It also came with the control software and a manual that, even though it does not cover every detail, answers most of the questions.
> This particular unit has a 1 PPS and three dual 2048 kHz outputs, plus two re-timing in/outputs.
> Aside of the RS232 control interface, there is also an Ethernet connector for remote monitoring.
> As by the manual, the module was available with the following output frequency options: 2048 kHz, 1544 kHz, 10 MHz, 5 MHz.
> The way it is, at least the 1 PPS is useful for me.
> I'm wondering if the output frequency can be changed (it can't be configured with the control software).
> Is anybody familiar with these units?
> Adrian
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