[time-nuts] Releasing sources (was Re: Brooks Shera)

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Sun Mar 31 12:57:33 EDT 2013

On 31.03.2013 17:32, Lizeth Norman wrote:
> All u guys that post code to push up your little ego and then don't help
> when it sucks need to see a shrink.
> Don't want emails, don't post. Keep your bad code in the folder were it
> belongs.
Are you suppossing that anybody that releases any code must provide 
support to you for free and for life? Don't you think that is enough 
that they have released the code for free? If you think it sucks for 
you, you are free not to use it. Probably other people finds it 
interesting and useful, and if they have any problem, they try to solve 
it by themselves before trying the author to get their problems solved 
for free.



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