[time-nuts] Cesium "wrist-watch-lite"

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Wed May 1 10:14:10 EDT 2013

Thinking what I would like for myself as my birthday coming soon..

A wrist watch! (I haven't worn one for 30 years)

Internal reference like 10Mhz or any suitable frequency.
Ability to pick up a near RF field and calibrate itself.
A base Rb unit that would radiate a signal to the watch and even charge itself for nixie tube chaps.
Bringing the watch near the base should do the needful.  This will make the watch slim.
This should work even for my dad who checks his 50 year old Rolex and tell me that my digital clock is running slow (in the old days).


Still listening to BBC for beeps.

At 01-05-2013, you wrote:

>Looks a fair bit more comfortable than the one Tom's brother showed.
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