[time-nuts] hp5065b !!!

Tom Holmes tholmes at woh.rr.com
Wed May 1 14:55:32 EDT 2013

I agree with Magnus; I find it interesting to learn more about what can be
done at the non-industrial level just for fun.

But I certainly will not attempt to add to the discussion on a subject where
I have no expertise, only curiosity. I am fascinated that there is the
capability at the hobby level to improve significantly on what is a darn
good timepiece to start with.

Tom Holmes, N8ZM
Tipp City, OH

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> On 05/01/2013 03:26 PM, EWKehren at aol.com wrote:
> > The multiplier and output has been changed significantly. We can not
> > put a finger on one part but if you reed the paper  .
> > http://tf.boulder.nist.gov/general/pdf/1219.pdf     that Bruce posted it
> explain the RF
> > significance.I ignored the laser part  since I will not be able to
> > duplicate, but the microwave part clearly outlines  its contribution
> > to performance. Right now we are doing it off list since there  seems
> > not to be much interest in having H Maser like performance at  home.
> There is at least from me, and I know others reads with interest.
> Remember that many remains silent on the list even if they read it with
interest, so
> number of replies does not reflect interest.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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