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On Wed, 01 May 2013 13:48:06 -0400
Michael Tharp <gxti at partiallystapled.com> wrote:

> On 5/1/2013 11:40, Sarah White wrote:
> > I tweeted the author of this article, trying to point out that (as I
> > understand) "radioactive decay" is not relevant in any way for cesium
> > frequency standard/reference thingies:
> >
> > https://twitter.com/kuzetsa/status/329618223916011520
> >
> > If someone more authoritative and/or experienced (or at least more
> > awake) wanted, please let me know if I was confused and such

Yes, the article is wrong in nearly everything about the description
how the CSAC works. No microwaves are involved, the laser is not for
heating but for probing etc pp..

> Symmetricom doesn't go out of their way to say how the damn thing 
> actually works, 

Actually, there is quite a bit about how that damn thing works.
Beside from the literature about coherent population trapping
you can find from symmetricom directly the following papers:
(in chronological order)

[1] "The chip-scale atomic clock - Coherent population trapping vs.
conventional interrogation", by Lutwack, Emmons, Riley, Garvey, 2002

[2] "The MAC ­ A Miniature Atomic Clock" by Lutwak, Vlitas, Varghese,
Mescher, Serkland and Peake, 2005

[3] "The Miniature Atomic Clock ­ Pre-Production Results", by Lutwak
Rashed, Varghese, Tepolt, Leblanc, Mescher, Serkland and Peake, 2007

[4] "The Chip-Scale Atomic Clock - Recent Developments", by Lutwak, 2009

[5] "The SA.45S Chip-Scale Atomic Clock", by Lutwak, 2011

I'm quite sure, there is more than just these papers. But these
are the ones i've found and read. Especially [5] is quite nice as it
contains a lot of performance data.

If you are interested, i can also dig out some papers on coherent
population trapping that explain the basic idea and how it works
in understandable terms.

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