[time-nuts] Measuring Phase diference between different GPSDO

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Thu May 2 21:33:36 EDT 2013

I'd like to perform some comparison between a known good GPSDO and some newcomers.
I want to adjust the crystal turning point as my new GPSDO tend to wander all over the place.
I see some of you are using the hp 3575A to do this.

Unfortunately, they are a little out of my price range at the moment.

What I do have is a an ancient hp 8407a with both 8412a and b Phase magnitude display and a 8413a phase/gain indicator.
Is there any way they are usable to achieve the desired measurement?

A also have a hp 5370b timer. I am not sure if it still works, but anyway, would measuring the PPS be an easier option?

I also hear mention of a PICTIC, what is that?

Many thanks,

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