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Great big and small Rb cells:


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One of the unique things about the 5065 is it's great big cells. The small cell "compact" Rb's are a very different beast. There is a body of evidence suggesting that the cell size is significant for ultra low ADEV.

The basic concepts of improving signal (light intensity) and signal to noise (filtering) would apply to other units. Weather the mods give significant improvements on small cells is the open question. The compact Rb's may already be at the floor for their cell size….


On May 3, 2013, at 10:40 AM, ed breya <eb at telight.com> wrote:

> I'm interested in these improvements too, and hope some can be applied to other models. I don't have a 5065A, nor do I expect to ever get one, but I do have three identical old Efratom units.
> Whether it's worthwhile to modify any Rb units also depends on whether it's possible to rejuvenate their Rb lamps, as discussed here a number of times, so that they can be maintained virtually indefinitely.
> Ed

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