[time-nuts] GSP clock stabilitiy, Rb vs Cs

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun May 5 00:53:00 EDT 2013

tvb at leapsecond.com said:
> Rule of thumb: quartz is best short term, Rb or H-maser mid-term, and Cs by
> far the best long-term. 

What is short, medium, and long?

Radio astronomers use H-masers.  Can I assume that they are mid-term and that 
H-masers are better than Rb (at mid-term)?

Does the classic ADEV graph contain all the information, or is it making an 
assumption that is valid in most cases that allows it to compress/hide lots 
of information that is interesting for only a few obscure types of 

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