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Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun May 5 01:00:36 EDT 2013

mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca said:
> Hi, while skimming some articles I found re GPS satellites, I found some
> references to certain buffer gasses in Rb cells working much better with
> optical filters than others.   As far as I know Rb buffer gas formulations
> are not disclosed by the manufacturers so I suspect this info may not be
> very actionable for those of us looking to improve our Rb's. 

How hard would it be to measure the content of the buffer gas?

I've watched while somebody else did X-ray crystallography.  Is there 
something of similar complexity that would work with the gas in it's handy 
container or would you have to break one?

This was early 70s, long before PCs.  Our recipe was roughly:
  Pulverize sample.  Put some of the powder in a X-ray setup.  Wiggle arm to 
find peak.  Adjust gain so peak is 1.00.  Push the button that scans over 
angle and makes a paper chart of intensity vs angle.  Find the 3 biggest 
peaks.  Look those angles up in the (big) book.  Look that crystal up in the 
card catalog which lists all sorts of info for a crystal including a list of 
angle/intensity pairs. Check all the minor peaks.  We were lucky and had a 
close-to-pure crystal so we didn't have to iterate.

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