[time-nuts] Imagery position accuracy

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Mon May 6 09:09:39 EDT 2013

Usually the Trimble manual for whatever module you are using has pretty good documentation of all the commands. I would assume
something like TSIPchat or TSIPmon would allow you to program and save settings (the only thing I have saved is COM port settings,
but I'm sure there are others).

As for the NTP drivers, take a look at the source, each driver is its own file and usually pretty easy to read despite the decades
of hodge-podging hacks to make extra hardware work. Some drivers could use some serious cleaning up, especially for hardware that no
longer can get time (i.e. OMEGA or GOES)... But that is another topic in itself...

Then again, as others have said, it's NTP and the point is somewhat moot as the PC hardware and networking are a greater source of
error than what a self-survey typically is.

> After you get the position, how does the OP (or anyone else) put the
> location data into the Trimble GPS receiver so that it can be used in
> the time solution.  This is for NTP remember.
> Assuming there is some way, will the Trimble GPS receiver "remember"
> the location over a power cycle?
> In other words, is there a way to program a Trimble receiver to NOT do
> the self-survey on power up and instead to use some survey location
> you got by some other method, like possibly hiring a survey team.
> If there is a why to make that work, I might even modify the NTP
> driver to do it.

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