[time-nuts] Low noise power supply

M. Simon msimon6808 at yahoo.com
Wed May 8 21:42:03 EDT 2013

I was asked to give the list a heads up when I had my low noise power supply completed. 

You can find the details at: 


Boards are available. Link for them at the above. Short description: 

Low noise power supply  - you can make any two voltages by changing passive 
components. Designed for 5 Volts and 3.3 volts  150mA each. Uses a wall 
wart transformer. Aux 5V regulator for powering LED back light. 

TPS7A4901 regulator - link to data sheet at the above. 

I have no way of measuring the actual performance. The pre-regulator kills most of the noise that I could see (120Hz should be down about 59 dB - calculated) . The low noise regulator should give at least another 60 dB. That should put the 60Hz ripple well under 1 uV. In theory. Chip noise of 15.4uV RMS 10Hz to 100 KHz. 

Not the best you can do. Not bad for off the shelf parts. 


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