[time-nuts] Symmetricom TS2100-GPS - 1PPS has 10uS offset

Esa Heikkinen tn1ajb at nic.fi
Fri May 10 19:14:29 EDT 2013

Additional info:

There's hidden "eng" menu with many options. No documentation is 
available for this menu, so I had to find things out by trial and error.

In the "timing" menu there's offset_time option. This shows -100 at 
default and one step is 100ns --> 10 uS. Setting this to zero the PPS 
moves to sync with Thunderbolt!

But the setting is not permament, it's lost with reboot. Unable to find 
out how to "save" this permamently. And hard to understood why this is 
even set to -10 uS!

There's also commands to read and write the eeprom contents (it's good 
idea to read it and copy-paste the contenst to the safe place). However 
the offset_time is not stored to eeprom, even with JP4 in place. Too sad!


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