[time-nuts] A Time-Nut's Worst Nightmare

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sat May 11 16:16:19 EDT 2013

In message <518E718D.9020804 at sasktel.net>, Ed Palmer writes:

>I haven't read the book that inspired this monstrosity, but I might have 
>to hunt up a copy just to see what kind of twisted mind came up with the 

If you have never read any of Terry Prachetts disc-world, you have
deprived yourself of some of the best literature committed in the
most recent decades.

The books are very different, and there are many good places to jump
in, depending on your tastes, but here are some suggested entry-points:

"Witches abroad", (tourism, childrens tales)
"Guards, Guards!" (police, power, dragons)
"Jingo" (International diplomacy)
"Maskarace" (Opera)
"Soul Music" (Rock'n'Roll history)
"The Last Continent" (Darwin and Australia)
"Going Postal" (Public Works)

And of course, once you get a feel for the universe:

"Thief of Time"

I can also warmly recommend the "Science of Discworld" books,
they're great introductions into heavy-duty science.

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