[time-nuts] Trimble Resolution T versus Motorola Oncore UT+

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun May 12 17:15:41 EDT 2013

Hi Bert,

On 12/05/13 22:31, EWKehren at aol.com wrote:
> With the availability of Motorola Oncore products and the Synergy pin
> compatible it would make sense that some one does a board design that allows
> plug in and saw tooth correction. We use a  14 pin PIC and a DS 1023 with
> good results. Should also add a survey command. With the increasing cost of
> Tbolts this is a nice alternative. The latest Shera makes it a nice GPSDO for
> OCXO's and Rb's. The list price for a DS 1023 is just at $ 19 (lot of
> silicon)  but if some one does a group buy if the interest is there a $ 25 kit
> price would  be attainable. Right now I found a source $ 10 plus shipping I
> paid just over $  6, three month ago. using one of these in a Rb application
> because of the  long filter time may not even need saw tooth

If it where that simple.

Regarding availability of the iLotus M12M see this on Synergy:


Availability: Get it while you can, it's going away.

It looks like you will have to consider using LEA6T or something like 
that soon enough.

I like the "openness" of the Motorola and Novatel receivers. Which 
modern receivers provide the same level of openness into states and details?

Oh, we should make sure to backup documentation on the Oncores. The 
early ones is already fuzzy.


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