[time-nuts] Trimble GPS monitor

EB4APL eb4apl at cembreros.jazztel.es
Sun May 12 18:14:36 EDT 2013

Just recovered from my Nortel Trimble GPSDO twisted cable incident, now 
I have other problem now with Trimble GPS monitor program.
I remember that I used it with my GPSDO when I bought it and Lady 
Heather still didn't supported it.  Today I tried to use it again and it 
gives a series of error windows just when the GPSDO starts sending data 
and the program quits.  Maybe is is caused by the program trying to 
communicate at 19200 Bd but the GPSDO sends at 9600 Bd, but I don't know 
if there is a way for changing the baud rate and anyway at the beginning 
it worked ok, I did the first auto surveys with it.
Anybody has any clue?

Ignacio EB4APL

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