[time-nuts] Trimble Resolution T versus Motorola Oncore UT+

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Sun May 12 21:37:36 EDT 2013

More reasons to get it done now. There are those that thought a Tbolt at $  
100 was to expensive, same with $ 40 FEI 5680 and unlike commodity products 
that  traditionally drop in price this is surplus at reduced price or in 
the case of  the Synergy a one time opportunity that may go away. Try to get 
an I-Lotus by it  self for that price and with all the Motorola documentation 
available what an  opportunity.
Bert Kehren
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magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org said:
> Regardless, one has to  be a bit careful in expected lifetime. 

Most silicon vendors have an  end-of-life (EOL) policy.  The general idea, 
least for the ones  I'm familiar with, is that they will announce the end 
life of a product  and take orders until some date and promise to fill all 
those  orders.

Distributors often send the end-of-life notices on to customers  who have 
ordered those parts.  That can be wonderful or spam  depending on your 

Things get more complicated  if you are a board-level vendor and a chip you 
use goes EOL.  If you  are shipping X parts per year and you depend on a 
that goes EOL and  costs $Y, you can figure out how many you should order 
cover the next N  years.  That assumes that your order predictions are 
and also  that the chips you receive work as expected.  Things get ugly if 
chips you ordered and stockpiled don't work as expected.

These are my opinions.  I hate  spam.

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