[time-nuts] Is there any IRIG-B hardware decoders available?

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Tue May 14 10:52:51 EDT 2013

I think the NTP distribution has an audio driver to decode IRIG-B via your sound card...

> What is needed now is to decode IRIG-B timecode and syncronize the 
> system time (or hardware timer) to it with about 1 ms precision. 
> Operating system is Linux based and runs on embedded environment. It 
> should support both, AM modulated and digital pulse versions of IRIG-B 
> (for now it's unsure which will be used).
> Is there any IRIG-B decoder chips or reference schematics available with 
> full support for the standard?  Google didn't find any ready solution 
> for this need. It looks like only way to get this is to design it from 
> scratch...

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