[time-nuts] Trimble Thunderbolt, any easy way to create 500 MHz reference from one?

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Wed May 15 15:38:57 EDT 2013

> If easy means a temporary lashup, takes but one piece of gear. The
> Ballantine 6130A time mark generator takes in 10 MHz, produces from
> it a synchronous 1Hz to 500MHz selectable in 1-2-5 steps. I've not
> tested mine for phase noise, probably
> not the best performer... but for $35 not a big concern, given my
> needs.
> Shameless plug: I'll have another one for sale at the Dayton
> Hamvention, flea
> market space 1901. There will be other Time Nuts in residence at 1901
> as well.
> Bob LaJeunesse

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> From: Chris Wilson <chris at chriswilson.tv>
>> Is there any fairly easy way to multiply the output of a Thunderbolt
>> to
>> have a 500MHz reference at about 4dBm? Thanks.
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>>        Best Regards,
>>                    Chris Wilson.
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Bob's suggestion to get a Ballantine 6130A Time Mark Gen might be your 
easiest solution if this is a one-off project.   According to the schematic, 
the 10MHz oscillator is sent through a series of multipliers and filters to 
arrive at the 500MHz High Freq output.  Specifically, it goes through a 
doubler and two quintuplers.
I don't know how the unit is constructed (I only have a schematic, not the 
complete manual), but if the RF circuitry and the digital dividers are on 
separate boards, then you might be able to use just the RF board to 
construct your 500MHz signal.  (I'm assuming that your intent is to 
construct the project into a single enclosure).
The only other solution that might be easier would be to find a PLL board 
that can be programmed to output your 500MHz signal.  I looked over eBay and 
Google without much luck there.

Good luck with your project.
Dave M 

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