[time-nuts] NTP Temperature Compensation

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu May 16 18:18:26 EDT 2013

jason at extremeoverclocking.com said:
> Since most modern PCs have at least one temperature sensor on the
> motherboard, I wonder if it would be possible to monitor that to help
> compensate for temperature changes. I realize the locations of said sensor
> can be anywhere on the board, but you would think it could help out *some*
> amount. 

Newer CPU chips have a temperature sensor on chip.  That's usually a long way 
from the crystal used for timekeeping.

It might be possible to model the temperature of the crystal depending on the 
heat flow from the CPU and the fan speed and ambient air temperature.  Is the 
heat flow just a low pass filter? (probably not a sharp cutoff)

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