[time-nuts] Time source for indoor standalone PC

mike cook mc235960 at gmail.com
Fri May 17 05:08:30 EDT 2013

Le 17 mai 2013 à 06:45, Grant Waldram a écrit :

> This is inside a security-fob protected room. I
> can't get GPS signals in there, and the Australian radio clock network was
> shut down about ten years ago. Our CDMA network was turned off in 2008.
> Right now all I can think of is GSM, and while i know it's not terribly
> accurate it seems like it might be the easiest. It also might be that I've
> got tunnel vision and there's a simpler solution out there.

  It may be that you can receive the Japanese time service JJY at 60Hz or even WWVH, for which receivers are available. If not then I guess it means how deep are your pockets. GSM would mean that a call in/out would be possible which s not secure though GSM routers are available with an NTP service.
Otherwise you are looking at a homebuild or bought NTP server with a sufficiently stable time source, or rather at least 3 of them. Remember that a man with 1 clock only thinks he knows what the time is, one with two clocks has no idea. 

> I would be quite happy with some sort of dedicated GSM/NTP-server box, and
> there are Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Linux homebuilts for that out there, but I
> have been wondering if one of the fairly common GSM USB sticks could somehow
> be a time source to set the server clock?
> Regards,
> Grant
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