[time-nuts] Mounting Suggestions for Morion MV89A

Gregory Muir engineering at mt.net
Fri May 17 20:23:00 EDT 2013

I occasionally have the same issue when receiving microwave counters that (for some strange reason) are equipped with poor TCXOs and need to install an OCXO.  To solve this problem, I found a source of bare FR4 glass epoxy board stock:


They offer pre-cut standard size smaller panels of different thicknesses but, unfortunately have a minimum order.  Given my work, I usually place an order for several different sizes and thicknesses.

In addition to this, I then purchase PCB receptacles from Mouser Electronics to allow easy removal of the oscillators if required:


Drill a few holes, press in the sockets, wire them up point-to-point and you have a convenient mounting method.  The above pages also show turret type terminals which you can also use to mount external discrete components if necessary.  In all it makes for a very neat retrofit.

If your application is portable, fabricate a small hold down clamp to keep the oscillator in its socket during transit and vibration.

Otherwise one could obtain a FR4 board with pre-etched isolated pads providing the component has standard pin spacing and arrangement but then you have a "Swiss cheese" appearance to your project.


On Fri, 17 May 2013 13:19:05 -0700, Frederick Bray write:

>I just received my first Morion MV89A.  It came attached to a piece of 
>the original PC board.
>I wonder how others have mounted theirs.  One option seems to be to get 
>a piece perf board (perhaps with solder pads).  Another might be to 
>leave it on the original PC board since that seems to have a nice ground 
>plane and enough of the board remaining around the edges to mount the 
>whole thing on stand-offs.  I could remove the dozen or so capacitors 
>and resistors on the original board.

>I am thinking of using at least one of these in an existing piece of 
>equipment, so something simple is desirable.

>Thanks for any suggestions.

>Fred Bray

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