[time-nuts] Time source for indoor standalone PC

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat May 18 04:31:11 EDT 2013

I've not had much need for time synchronisation over the years, but in
recent years NTP has been able to get me by. Unfortunately I'm now faced
with a network that needs a moderately correct clock (I'm scared of using
the word 'acurate' around you folks!) to the order of a few seconds or so,
but with no possibility of an external internet connection (for a number of



If you can get within Wi-Fi range of a well-synced (e.g. local PPS-synced) 
NTP server, you may get within a millisecond.  For example, here's a 
Windows-8 PC connected via its built-in Wi-Fi (not a USB stick):


The local server could be as simple as a Raspberry Pi card or other Linux or 
Windows PC.

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