[time-nuts] Z3801A, Z3805A Pforth interpreter.

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Sat May 18 07:40:22 EDT 2013

Wow, good call:

p4th D > words
fp_u               es_ascii           sync_imm           efc_rep
pll_rep            loop_time          pr_hold_cause      gps_query
gps_change         pstat              disable_gps_cmds   pr_time_raim
pr_1pps            pr_gps_id          pr_gps_istate      pr_avg
pr_gps_cmds        clr_gps_debug      pr_gps_debug       master_reset
quiet_status       gps_query_all      init_gps           clr_avg
avg                q_gps_cable_dly    q_gps_php          q_eman
eman               leapsec            crash              print_clk_list
log_send           pr_pll             phase_off          lock
pll_debug          pll_restart        pr_efc             efc_wr
force_1pps         gps_cable_dly      gps_ph             gps_php
gps_date           gps_time           print_bc           print_ext_msg
xdop_stat_rate     ext_msg_rate       print_vis          vis_stat_rate
stat_rate          print_stat         abr_stat           set_time
get_time           clk_synch          debug_psos         clear_nv
wr_eeprom          dmes_all           dmes_curv          dmes_spoo
dmes_scpi          dmes_root          dmes_pllp          dmes_klok
dmes_hmon          dmes_gpsm          dmessage           doven
hdac_all           hdac_write         efc_write          pr_adc_avg
adc_ant_curr       adc_doven          adc_oven           adc_m15v
adc_p15v           adc_5v             adc_temp           adc_read
cal                s_rep              mem_rep            ps
user               !iodev             dev_ctrl           dev_write
dev_read           dev_close          dev_open           dev_init
ident              mode               pause              get_v
wait_v             signal_v           request_x          send_x
delete_x           create_x           jam_x              priority
resume             suspend            delete             ver
spawn              ?^C                my_pid             root
watch              execute            0x                 number
unfence            fence              immediate          recurse
does>              pad                tib                count
word               type               expect             interpret
startup            words              forget             ]
[                  [']                '                  state
base               hex                decimal            .s
u.x                u.                 .                  (.")
."                 cr                 spaces             space
emit               cos                sin                >>
<<                 2*                 2/                 2-
2+                 1-                 1+                 +!
+                  -                  *                  /
*/                 */mod              /mod               mod
;                  :                  literal            constant
create             variable           !                  @
i                  j                  k                  leave
+loop              loop               ?do                do
until              again              repeat             while
begin              endif              then               else
if                 depth              dup                swap
drop               2drop              cmove>             cmove
?dup               0>                 0=                 0<
<                  >                  =                  xor
not                and                or                 true
false              halt               abort              (
2swap              2dup               allot              -rot
rot                c,                 w,                 ,
pick               fill               r>                 >r
here               negate             c!                 c@
w!                 w@                 min                max
abs                over

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>---- Macro?

Try if there is a "words" command, that may give you the machine language names also.

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