[time-nuts] Time source for indoor standalone PC

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat May 18 12:39:44 EDT 2013

From: Chris Albertson

I woud assume that if "security" is the reason he can't have an internet
connection or even run an antenna cable for GPS then a WiFi connection to
anything outside of the area is totally disallowed by the rules he was to
work under.

I'm worked in these places too.  We did not allow anything that could
conceivably carry information to be connected and that included the AC
mains wiring with had to be heavly filtered, cartainly no WiFi enabled
equipment, cell phones or whatever was allowed.

But we've not yet heard back from Grant about what he really is alowed to
do or what his budget it.   Certainly if the accuracy is only "a few
seconds" I don't see why a wristwatch is not good enough.

Yes, I've also worked in similar environments, and hence the "if" prefixing 
my comments.  I had also wondered whether a PPS signal could be sent via 
light - over an optical fibre, but likely the same restrictions would apply.

Agreed if "seconds" are all that is required, a good watch would suffice.

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