[time-nuts] Ground loops in measurements?

engineering at mt.net engineering at mt.net
Mon May 20 16:33:19 EDT 2013

A couple of good references regarding noise minimization in electronic  
systems are:

"Grounding and Shielding: Circuits and Interference" by Ralph Morrison
"Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems" by Henry W. Ott

And the old fallback has been MIL-HDB-419 volumes I and II which  
mostly addresses facility installation but does provide some insight  
to good grounding practices for same.

If you do have in interest in facilities grounding, the Verizon Plant  
Practices manuals (which are sometimes found on the Web) are also good  
as is the Motorola R56 installation standard.

My references were mainly the two books by Morrison (best) and Ott  
when I was designing and building astronomical instrumentation where  
we had to get our detector noise levels down below 10 electrons when  
measuring light levels from stars.


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