[time-nuts] OCXO shock protection

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue May 21 02:47:23 EDT 2013

tvb at LeapSecond.com said:
> If the quake is strong, the temporal acceleration is on the order of 0.1 g.
> See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak_ground_acceleration 

There is a long tail on that curve.  One could also define "strong" as 1 g.

The wiki page (above) lists 3 events with PGA above 2 g and several more 
above 1 g.  I remember a USGS report about an event in northern California 
showing a big bulldozer on its side.  The punch line was that the local PGA 
was over 1 g.  (Bulldozers have a low center of gravity.  It's hard to tip 
them over.)

Those are really nasty events.  Distance from the quake (aka luck) is also 
very important.  If you are near one of them you will probably be worrying 
about things other than your OCXO.  (Iterate for what "near" means.)


> Your OCXO will be fine, unless it falls on the floor.

I agree that falling on the floor is the main thing to worry about.

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