[time-nuts] Symmetricom TS2100-GPS - 1PPS has 10uS offset

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Tue May 21 09:31:28 EDT 2013


They removed the compensation delay from the menus & telnet interface starting with firmware 4.0 :(

Is there any way to save the setting in the eng/timing/offset menu choice? I've seen it set to different values on various TS2100's,
so I don't know if it is auto-calculated somehow or what. 


> Sorry, I haven't tracked this group for a while.  Too much work :-)
> You are intuitive.  I expect that the TS21 is triggering on the wrong edge.
> Way, way back when the TS21 was invented, we were using an external Acutime
> antenna that had an open collector pps, hence falling edge trigger.  When we
> added support for an onboard gps, they muxed the two 1pps sources together and
> we had an incompatible trigger logic problem.  The way I fixed it at the time
> was to empirically measure the pulse width and use the antenna delay compensation
> field to "correct" the pps.  This value was stored in e2 at mfg time based on gps
> receiver module.  At some point, your unit must have not been set or been set to
> incorrect value or had its gps receiver replaced.  Is there an antenna prop delay
> command available you can use?

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