[time-nuts] EG&G TS-RFS telcom RB

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Thu May 23 14:00:52 EDT 2013

Hello to the group I obtained 2 of these units at the last MIT flea. Both
not working correctly.
Virtually no documentation on the internet. I recall that 2 years ago
someone else asked EGG info also and no real responses.
That said I can tell you a few things. There is a diagram on the unit that
shows the 16 connections. Its accurate.
+24 requires up to 1.5A cold and drops to 300-400 ma hot
+5 for the synthesizer draws a constant 300 ma
It seems you can start the RB up without the +5 RB and synthesizer are
quite separate.

The EGGs seem to have a fair amount of reserve RB gas in the lamp. The two
units I have have high lamp voltages even though they were mid 1990s.

Both units were bad. The problem is the 470 uf @25 V 15 volt bypass caps
and a regulator cap 270 uf @16V. It literally fell apart when I was
removing it. One of the 470 UFcaps read 1UF esr 2.6 ohms
Replaced with high temp 50 V equivalents and both units startup and
automatically lock in about 5 minutes. Changing these caps also put the
units back into specification for stability.

So there you have it the total EG&G cookbook of RBs.
Good luck and they do seem to be a fine unit.

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