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David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat May 25 01:17:41 EDT 2013

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Sure.  I think my point is that I've seen this problem on both of my
units when powered by both a 5V2A wall adapter supply and a 5V.8A
supply.  Since the problem has been reported by other people it's
sufficient for me to look to other solutions that don't have this
(admittedly minor) possibly configuration related flaw.  Besides I got
them to run NTP and they're too jittery for my taste.


Just what devices were you hot-plugging to produce this problem?  One with 
an initial current surge outside the USB spec I could understand.

NTP performance on the three Raspberry Pi cards here can be of the same 
order as FreeBSD running on an Intel Atom PC:


The RPi cards are all using very low cost GPS/PPS receivers with no external 
antenna, and the FreeBSD box has an external roof-mounted GPS 18 LVC.

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